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things to do :: collage night

Collage Collage is kicking off this year’s Collage Nights workshops with the first one being led by Becky from Sweetie Pie Press! Here are a few words from Becky herself:

“I stumbled into Collage Collage when one of my summer craft tours brought me through my hometown of Vancouver. In fact, it is located just around the corner from my childhood home on a strip of commercial space that was mostly vacant and/or dotted with sketchy businesses when I was growing up. Seeing these spaces filled with independent and mostly art-based businesses on that visit was deeply inspiring to me.

This summer, after a battle with cancer my mother passed away. In the aftermath, we have had to sell said childhood home and deal with the hyperbolic amount of possessions my mother had. Among her accumulated things were literally tens of thousands of photographs. After picking out any that may be wanted by my family members, everyone has agreed to offer the rest up for this collage event. So let’s get cutting, gluing, chatting and having fun!”


Tuesday, January 31, 2012 – 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 pm

Collage Collage, 621 Kingsway, Vancouver (BC)


photo credit: Roberta Grove

On The Road.

guest postGot Craft? is super excited to support the Sweetie Pie Press Summer Craft Tour 2011 and is pleased to have Becky guest post about her adventures…

I am writing this post as an introduction of sorts. My name is Becky. I am a crafter from Toronto who also runs a craft fair and who sometimes jumps into a station wagon and drives all over the place. In fact, I am doing that right now. I’m not driving while I type, but I am on the road and have been for a couple of months. I am a huge fan of endless travel and of craft which is why I was tickled senseless when Got Craft? asked me to guest blog some of the people, places and things I encounter while I roll.

First up, is the first picture I took from this summer’s tour – before we had even left Toronto. My #1 tip for long-term travel is to have a good home base, with good friends to help you do things that this non-nomadic culture requires (like receive mail). It’s also nice to know that there is love and community waiting for you somewhere. And it’s nice to have friends with message boards.

Becky Johnson is a crafter, artist and organizer from Toronto, Ontario. She is currently travelling North America for four straight months and sharing some of the crafty/designy things she find here. Want to spy on her further? Feel free to follow her blog here.

featured artist :: sweetie pie press

from the archives: 09.09.09

name: Becky Johnson
company: Sweetie Pie Press
links: website | shop | blog | facebook | twitter | flickr

What do you make?
1″ buttons, commissioned artist button sets, drawings, prints, crochet things, secret message envelopes, zines, installations and other miscellany. i also make craft shows and events. and web pages. sometimes i make theatre or other fleeting diversions.

What or who inspires you?
oh, all sorts of things. gosh. the places i visit. funny jokes. bad things (that i feel need correcting). office supplies. other. i don’t like this question. it gives me the same bad, overwhelmed feeling that i experience when i think about advanced physics or the universe.

How did you get started?
i have been making crafty things since i can remember but i started a craft business in earnest as a response to my total disillusionment with my former ‘career’ as an actor/comedian/clown. i so despised being rewarded for good performances with offers of terrible projects/television commercials that i decided to move into a creative pursuit that required less industrial complicity.

basically, i wanted to work hard yet flexibly for myself and felt that objects somehow held more sustainable value than experiences (such as theatre provides). this is sounding convoluted. i started making buttons to supplement my performance income and found them and the greater craft community more rewarding and kind than my previous exploits. ever since my mind has gone wild with endless new ideas for physical objects to make. and nobody ever tells me i am too heavy or tall to make crafts. that’s a bonus.

What are your favourite materials to work with?
paper, fabric, felt pens, yarn, garbage, ideas, jokes, envelopes.

What is the hardest and most favourite part of crafting?

hardest = finding time to realize the number of notions i produce in an effective and sustainable manner. this might be impossible. hence, its high level of difficulty.

favourite = seeing the output of my brain realized in three actual dimensions. that, and the people i have met doing it. and the places i have seen. and more.

List 5 of your favourite links and why you like them

all citizens: the best little art shop/music venue on the prairies. this is actually where i am sitting while composing these answers. the all citizens story is hugely inspiring and so is everything they continue to do. serena and tyler (who own the joint) are also marvels in their own rights. and if you are a band, you might be able to play one of the smallest venues ever if you contact them.

city of craft: this feel like cheating because this is a project i am involved in but i stand by its greatness nonetheless. city of craft is a big annual indie craft fair in toronto (which…ahem…is currently accepting applications from vendors, sponsors and installation artists). city of craft is also a greater collective that programs crafty happenings in and around the big smoke throughout the year.

tara bursey: tara is a friend of mine (let’s face it, all this link sharing is about hyping my awesome friends and their awesome projects). she is an incredible artists, crafter, zine maker, thinker, organizer and human being. on top of all the other work she does, she has started a blog this year that presents some of the best exploration of the art/craft paradigm that i have come across…maybe ever. her reports on the art she experiences are both thoughtful and personal. she’s great.

little dog monday: this a sporadic yet quality blog that chronicles the craft, illustration and artwork of toronto artist, shannon gerard. what can i say? i am a huge fan. shannon is skilled, smart and vulnerable. also, if you poke around long enough, you might see a drawing of me there from her top shelf web comic .

misanthrope specialty company: again, total nepotism; this is my partner’s art collective. i am actually something of a member, too (kinda). the misanthrope co. has a very strange and special aesthetic that i find exciting. reverend aitor (my home biscuit) also does unflattering portraits while we tour (and online). i am pretty keen on this projects as it accesses all kinds of people in all kinds of cities and towns…and uglies them all.

Do you have any advice for those in the biz?

a) use your brain. people who tell you that following your heart will lead to infinite success have trust funds. if you are trying to make crafts to support yourself, do take the seemingly senseless whims of the market into consideration.

b) then leave room to do some ridiculous or risky things to advance global culture/the evolution of the species.

(photo images courtesy of Becky Johnson)

If you are interested in being featured, please send us an email at info(at)gotcraft(dot)com.