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The past week went by like a snap with us wrapping up Got Craft?, more cram crafting, and prepping for our 12 hour road trip to Edmonton. We spent some time unpacking the boxes that arrived earlier with the rest of our goods from the UK and hopefully will spend the long weekend painting and getting the apartment back into shape! After eating on the go for the past few weeks, I am super excited to do a proper grocery shop and get some baking done as well as plan some home cooked meals for the coming week. Hope everybody is having a fantastic start to their long weekend!

pictured above:
Sneak peek of our built in kitchen cabinet
Salted chocolate chip cookie from the Gluten Free Epicurean
Birthday gifts for the birthday boy
New Roxypop table display
Loving the butter croissant from Matchstick
Family time at the Moose Factory
Enjoying a flat white at Transcend

exactly how I feel

This is exactly how I feel most of the time. Robert says it’s the only child in me. I don’t agree completely, but I do often find myself wanting to do it all and wanting to do it now.

I realize that I have a short attention span and get bored quite easily. My brain works by thinking of things I like to do… events I want to produce… things I want to create… places I want to visit… and somewhere in between I lose steam. I go a little cray cray and often end up with a big headache. These are the times where I need to remind myself to take a deep breath, step back, and reformulate my plans. Just because I decide to let something go doesn’t mean I am a failure.

“Everything has its worth and we owe it to ourselves to own it wholeheartedly” – anamu.

I couldn’t agree more. Have you also wanted to do it all and had a hard time saying no?

image via inflated / deflated

London (UK) ->Vancouver

February 2012 marks our one year spent in London, UK and we just made our plans to move back to Vancouver, BC. Spending 3 weeks in Vancouver at the beginning of December has been fantastic and it felt really nice to be back in familiar surroundings. However, now that we have set a date to depart, I can’t help feeling anxious to soak in as much of London as I possibly can before our move.

Contrary to what some believed, this was never a forever thing. Our plan was to stay here 12-18 months. We met all of our goals and know that we will back to the City in the Summer for work. We have already started planning life in the new year and are still in awe of what an amazing experience this has been. I know that this is a good thing, but there is a part of me that is staring out the window watching the neighbourhood wake up and thinking how beautiful the morning light is (sleep has been completely out of whack ever since returning from Canada!). The grass is always greener right?

our 2011 ♥

I don’t usually get wrapped up in the end of year hoopla, but 2011 has been monumental and at least personally, I wanted to collect our experiences in one place. Dudes, we moved to another country! Although temporary, we have already been living in London, UK for coming up to 12 months and I am still in disbelief that we just packed up everything and relocated – whoah! Here’s to looking back…

January: With Blue Olive Photography, we hosted the third annual Indie I Do event. (photo credit: studio jeanie)

February: Landed in London, UK and met up with the lovely Debbie from Craft Guerrilla who took us for coffee and bagels in Brick Lane.

March: We met the wonderful Lana and Rick and discovered Camden Passage. Oops! Just realized that we don’t actually have any pictures together – ha!

April: We headed to Liberty for the decor8 book launch and then to Brixton for the Crafty Fox Pop Up Market.

May: We checked out the Clerkenwell Design week at the House of Detention and then headed back to Vancouver for Got Craft?. Lucky us, we squeezed in a quick trip to Seattle and Portland before heading back to London.

June: Got Craft? was named #49 of 101 Greatest Things About Life in Vancouver by Scout Magazine. We had our second round of guests and together, took the train to Llwyngrwril, Wales for a friend’s wedding.

July: Held a DIY badge making workshop as part of the SW Craft Club Pop Up event. Decided to be social and went to Blognic.

August: Spent two weeks in Exmouth, Devon with family.

September: Excited to be a contributor to Poppytalk’s Dispatches from the UK column. (photo credit: anamu)

October: My mom came to visit and we took a day trip to Bath, Stonehenge and Windsor Castle. The week after, we met up with Miranda and spoke at the Summit of Awesome in Baltimore, MD. We also went to see Erasure for my birthday!

November: We held our first Got Craft? UK at the Tooting Tram and Social and headed to Paris with Miranda the very next day. (photo credit: Blue Olive Photography)

December: After a whirlwind of craft fairs in Vancouver, we returned to London and then went up to Cambridge to spend Christmas with friends.

Wow, 2011 was sure a crazy ride! Happy new year!

summer goals

found via spearmint baby, image credit: alicebaby @ tumblr

Inspired by a recent post on You Are My Fave, I decided that with the start of summer quickly approaching, I better start mapping out some goals! What are your plans?

summer lovin’ 2011:

  1. say no to pants
  2. acquire a bbq
  3. spend more time on the roof terrace
  4. take some driving lessons (robert)
  5. road trips / train trips
  6. plant tomatoes / clean up pots from last tenant
  7. make jam + pickles
  8. evening strolls
  9. visit our local farmers markets
  10. finish some personal projects (more on this later!)