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london, uk :: here and there

No matter how many times I visit London, I always discover something new. Whether it be a new favourite shop, new treat to eat, or a new neighbourhood to discover. On this trip, we found Exmouth Market in Clerkenwell, a hub of activity dating back to the Middle Ages. See that shop called ‘The Family Business‘? Inside, you can browse the portfolios of the local, and many visiting international practitioners that see a term here as a rite of passage. Each artist will create a bespoke design just for you, but if you want a tattoo by owner Mo Coppoletta, you will have to add your name to the year long wait list.

Other favourites at Exmouth Market: GNF (mid-century furniture + vintage fabric), Caravan, Family Tree, Medcalf, Space, and Brill (to name a few).

Oh, and that mac + cheese at Pizza East? I’m still having cheesy dreams!

field trip :: canada day in london

We took bus #87 down to Trafalgar Square this morning for the Canada Day celebrations. This is one of my favourite bus routes as it takes you past the Tate Britian, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square and right into the theater district. As promised, there was poutine, hockey, mounties, root beer, lays potato chips and plenty of people with Canadian accents. We lined up at the Tim Hortons booth, ate our doughnuts and then ventured over to Covent Garden. Tomorrow we are off to Stoke Newington for the North London Vintage Market! It’s a busy busy weekend with loads to see!

How was your day? What did you do to celebrate?