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seller tips :: wholesaling with the tiny fig

As all handmade sellers know, creating and making a product is only the first step. To grow and create a sustainable cash flow, you have to start marketing your goods and perhaps look into consigning and / or wholesaling your products. Wholesale can be confusing, especially those new to working with brick and mortar shops. Thankfully, the tiny fig has kindly shared her terms and conditions of wholesaling with us!

Please feel free to print this off and use it with your own orders (personal use only – not for use in other tutorials or training documents). Of course, make sure to read the points carefully and tweak them to reflect your own products. If anything ever happened with your products or the shop’s order, this is a great contract to refer back to. Thanks Connie!

The following are the terms and conditions of wholesaling with The Tiny Fig:

● My wholesale pricing is shown in Canadian dollars. For American clients I am happy to work at par.

● To qualify for wholesale pricing a minimum order of $XX (wholesale pricing) must be met.

● There is no minimum quantities that you must order for each style. You can order as many as you desire.

● All orders must be paid for in full upfront via Paypal. Should you decide to cancel your order at anytime 50% of the payment is non-refundable.

● Work will begin as soon as payment is cleared. Changes to your order may not be made after work has started as supplies will need to be ordered specifically for your order. Please review your order thoroughly before submitting it.

● You may add to your order at any time as long as I have not packaged and shipped it out.

● If you give me less than 2 weeks notice to finish your order you will be charged a $XX rush fee.

● Shipping, taxes and duties are the buyer’s responsibility.

● Shipping costs will be discussed and paid for in advance by buyer. The local delivery fee is $5 (Vancouver/Burnaby and Richmond only) and pick up at location on invoice is always free.

● If any of the items you order arrive damaged please contact me and we will work something out (replacement, refund, credit, etc…).

● With the exception of damaged goods everything is a final sale. No refunds or exchanges.

● The turn around time is generally 2 weeks but will depend on the size of your order and will be discussed before payment is made.

● Packaging will contain The Tiny Fig’s logo, shop name and website. A few of the products offered also have the website address located on the item itself.

● You are free to price items in your shop as you see fit.

● By making payment for your order you are agreeing to these terms.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at <insert email> at any time.