field trip :: southlands farm

Southlands-1Southlands-2Southlands-3Southlands-4Southlands-5I have lived in or near Kerrisdale for most of my life and have never visited Southlands Farm until today! A little oasis of greenery filled with ponies, chickens, and fruit trees; Southlands is a working farm that hosts workshops, a CSA, camps, and horseback riding. My mom made Elliot a pumpkin hat and with the sunny weather, we decided to find ourselves a pumpkin patch. Elliot avoided napping all morning and then fell asleep in the car, so was a bit grumpy / groggy during our quick visit. Apparently, we had just missed a school group of 30 kids visiting the farm and another 30 was set to arrive in the next hour so we had the entire place to ourselves!

London Fields Shoppe :: an update {finally}!

LFS-1LFSLFS-1ALFS CollageWhere do I even start? Hmm… If you have been following us for awhile, you may have seen us announce our plans on opening up a brick and mortar shop. Well, after viewing the space in summer 2013, signing the lease last Fall and then setting an opening date of November 2013, we seem to have fallen into a black hole of construction delays, contractor woes and trouble shooting permits. It seemed like everybody kept telling us, oh, it will be ready next month and the next month become the Next month and that then became the NEXT month and over a year later, I’m happy to announce that we are closer than we have ever been. The walls have been freshly painted, the floors refinished, the original radiators cleaned, the lighting installed, new tiling has been placed, and shelving is being built. Our new shop and workshop space will open its doors in * fingers crossed * late October where we will feature an eclectic mix of everyday objects hand picked from around the globe. With an emphasis on handmade, I’ll be bringing in my favourite homewares, paper goods and stationery, edibles, prints, vintage, and other gift items – “We don’t buy for the masses”.

As it has taken us this long to get the retail portion of the shop set up, cake and coffee service will be postponed until the new year as that is a whole lightening bolt of paperwork on its own! In the meantime, I’m busy uploading all of our goods into our online shop and stay tuned for announcements on our opening date as well as upcoming workshops!

Looking forward to saying hello in person!


London Fields Shoppe
692 East Hastings (at Heatley) – across from Homesteader’s Emporium
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got craft? :: postcards are ready!

GC-Dec2014-CardFGC-Dec2014-CardBJeannette from The Beautiful Project has been exclusively designing our print material for the past six years and she has knocked it out of the park once again! If you haven’t already picked up a copy of our new holiday postcard, we’ll be hanging out with the ladies from Pip & Pin at Knit City this weekend. Cards will also be available at various local shops and crafty events leading up to Got Craft?.

Thanks to everybody for stopping by at IDSwest and Etsy Made in Canada last weekend! It was great to visit with so many of you and to meet some new faces! We’re working on a few things that we’ll be sharing soon including a NEW swag bag design (get ready for cuteness!) and a shop update (about time right!?)!

To see more of Jeannette’s work, you can check out her etsy shop here or visit Matchbox Creative, the web company she shares with her husband, for web design and development.

elliot :: 2 months!

babyelliot-1babyelliot-2babyelliot-3babyelliot-4Not to ruin the illusion, but these biscuits taste like cardboard. Yep. No worries here about my props being eaten! Oh, and yes, I did buy them just for this. Look out for more biscuit writing coming to a computer screen near you!

Outtakes that were too cute not to share… chubby sweet cheeks!